A not-for-profit nightclub run by the community

How does a co-op work?

We’re a community-run, not-for-profit organisation. Everybody gets a slice of the pie and more importantly, a say on how the co-op operates! From the music being played, the events being run, down to the drinks menu, our members make the decisions.

Supporting the community

Canberra has tons of aspiring artists, live acts and DJs that don’t get enough enough airtime in our current nightlife landscape. As a not-for-profit, we can run events that aren’t commercially viable for traditional profit-driven pubs, bars and nightclubs. We want to see the Dance Co-op become synonymous with fostering the up and coming talent around Canberra!

You run the place, you set the vibe

Members will get heaps of benefits for supporting the venue, including priority entry, cheaper drinks and being given choice over what they would like to see, hear and drink! If you’re passionate about keeping Canberra nightlife spicy, love the community and have any skills, ideas and fun that you would love to share, come to our meetings to join the decision making process and meet other like-minded members!

Why a Co-op?

We love the idea of bringing people who love a good time together to form a community under one roof. We’re just here to dance to good music with fun people in an inclusive and safe space for all.

More questions?

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Like a gym membership for your soul!

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